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This french farmhouse in beautiful Forrest Hills was truly a wonderful project. I worked with one of my favotire Architects/Builder named Ben at Paramount Realty . Seriously, he is one of the nicest most gifted yet humble general contractor I have ever worked with, and I will always recommend him. Designing an entire home can be an overwhelming project, but our team accomplished this one fairly quick and seamlessly. My favorite element in this design is the office and lime wash chimney. Mixing just small farmhouse elements made it less “kitschy” and more classic. I just love the open floor plan as well. I had the pleasure of being hired to decorate this home as well, and even though I had to accomplish it in a month, I was able to get the main areas decorated.

Hopefully, I will be able to show those pics soon, but here are the pictures without decor.

The Before

The After

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